Best Books for Engineering Mathematics

best books for engineering mathematics

Engineering study is not complete without referring to the recommended books for the course. On top of it, Engineering Mathematics is an interdisciplinary subject, that is a combination of disciplines, bringing to students both theoretical and practical aspects of Engineering science in a broader sense. An Engineering student deals with the most important constituents of Mathematics while studying that are- 

  • Algebra 
  • Geometry 
  • Trigonometry 
  • Statistics 
  • Calculus 

So referring to the best books for study is essential.

While Studying the Subject

It prepares the students to apply Mathematics to find solutions to complex real-life problems. With the combination of mathematical theorems, practical engineering, and computing scientifically, engineers across the world address the technological challenges that we face today. It is an exciting discipline for engineering students which brings an amalgamation of innovation and traditional methods into play.  

What Can You Do by Studying Engineering Mathematics? 

  • Design next-gen formula one cars 
  • Work in the cutting-edge technology of robotics 
  • Design autonomous vehicles to run businesses 
  • Device innovative indices for financial institutions 

And much more! 

Engineering Mathematics is one of the pillar subjects in Engineering. Almost all streams of Engineering require the students to study this crucial subject and necessarily study from the best books for engineering mathematics . As per the course requirements, students will get to study Mathematics in Engineering and its in-depth concepts. You will study various basic and advanced concepts of calculus, stats, algebra, or geometry based on your course requirements and engineering stream in the different session-wise syllabus of Engineering. 

Here are the Recommended Books for Engineering Mathematics 

Advance Engineering Mathematics – 1 by Dr Pandurangappa C. 

This book published by Sanguine Technical Publications and written by Dr. Pandurangappa C is one of the important books for engineering students from both graduate courses and bridge courses. Refer to this book for a systematic study of the topics. Also, practice the concepts and problems from solved problems from University question papers added in the book. So, begin a comprehensive study of the subject with Advance Engineering Mathematics- 1 by Dr. Pandurangappa C. Find this eBook on the Mintbook learning app in a single click.

A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics (Semester- II) By N. P. Bali and Manish Goyal 

This book published by Laxmi Publications provides a thorough understanding of the topics in the syllabus of Mathematics for Engineering students. This book adheres to the syllabus prescribed by the U. P Technical University Lucknow. The authors have skillfully presented the solutions to the problems in the topics. All the concepts and based problems are systematically explained in this book. Hence, this book is one of the must-haves for the students. The Mintbook learning app has the latest edition of this book in its Digital Library.

Engineering Mathematics- II by Navneet D Sangle 

Published by Mirali Prakashan, this book illicitly explains all the concepts adhering to the syllabus in great detail. Learn the topics comprehensively and get a chance to practice with practice problems from this book. One of the helpful books for studying Engineering Mathematics, students studying for semester 2 can refer to this book. This book is also exclusively available on the Mintbook learning app.

Advance Engineering Mathematics- 2 by Dr. Pandurangappa.C and Ejanul Haque 

This exclusive book of Advance Engineering Mathematics –II is designed for the bridge course for Advanced Mathematics-II. It contains examples from previous University examinations to explain each of the concepts. Also, for easy understanding of the students, problems in this book are solved in a step-by-step method. It is even easier to learn the topics from this book because of the use of diagrams by authors to demonstrate the concepts. The Digital Library of the Mintbook learning app has the latest edition of this book.

Engineering Mathematics – 2 by Dr Pandurangappa C 

Engineering Mathematics-2 by Dr. Pandurangappa C. is available on the Mintbook learning app is a book that aims to guide the Engineering students of Visveswaraya Technological University.  Results and Properties on some topics are explained with the help of theorems followed by their proofs for better comprehension. The study of this book will help the students understand the meaning of results and properties. The author has added many real-life and practical examples to explain each topic. Many solved questions in this book are taken from previous year’s university question papers. 

Engineering Mathematics for GATE (Solved Papers 2010-2018) by Dr MVSSN Prasad 

This classic book for GATE available on Mintbook Digital Library is one of the preferred and popular books for self-assessment and study of Engineering Mathematics. The author has precisely curated the most relevant university question papers for the comprehensive practice of problems. This book also gives an idea of the format of exam papers that help the students gauge the type of questions appearing in the exams. 

Engineering Mathematics – III by Dr N. S. Mujumdar and Dr M. Y. Gokhale 

An informative and useful book for studying Engineering mathematics, students are preferring to study from this book for comprehensive learning of the topics. This book bridges the gap between the vast contents of the reference books, written by renowned International Authors, and the concise requirements of Undergraduate Students. Students do not need to worry about understanding the complex concepts while studying from this book as the authors have used simple and understandable language and text. You can also find it easily on the Mintbook learning app. The authors have added systematic representations of the solutions and explained the steps in solutions wherever necessary. So, get this book and start studying Engineering Mathematics for Semester-III.

A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics (Semester-IV) by Dr A. J. George and N. P. Bali 

This book provides a thorough understanding of the topics included in the syllabus of Mathematics for Engineering students. It comprises the chapters explained with the help of examples and illustrations for a lucid study. You can score higher marks by referring to this book, as it goes into deeper details for explaining every concept. The authors present this book in lieu of the students’ concerns regarding the study of the subject. So, get this textbook and begin your study alongside referring to the exercise sections for practice.  

Find your course books and more interactive resources for a comprehensive study on Mintbook. The Digital Library on the Mintbook Learning App is endless and let’s you do uninterrupted study. Engineering study has never been this easy before. With just one subscription, all that you need to score higher marks and pass with flying colors is found on the Mintbook learning app. So, find your books from the above list and begin your learning journey.

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