Smart Tips for Self-Study

Smart Tips for Self Study

The ever-increasing global population directly impacting education and its accessibility points us to the dawn of a new era. We are moving to the time where study and acquiring an education are independent of factors like accessibility, affordability, and availability. Self-Study has answers to all these problems. Open online classes, learning platforms, virtual classrooms, digital libraries are bringing resources and learning close to us. So, study smart rather than studying hard with these smart tips for self study.  

Think and Estimate your Learning Capabilities  

Every student has a different learning speed, grasping, and study pattern. Identifying these is the first step to greater success. The feasibility of E-learning in self-study is that it offers self-paced learning. So, students ultimately get the luxury of choosing what to learn, how to learn, and when to learn.  

With Technology by Your Side  

We along with technology are trying our level best to upgrade the learning process for the students. And our major endeavor to help you pick up self-learning is our end-to-end e-learning solutions. But it is you who takes the first step and the next steps. E-learning platforms will pave a smooth learning path for you, but you have to recognize your learning interests, set goals, pick up the pace and reach success.  

Set Achievable Learning Goals  

Life will go on with learning and your commitments too. Thus, it is one of the first smart tips for self-study. So set goals keeping time and energy for your commitments. Chalk out realistic and achievable goals. You can do this by deciding on the number of concepts to read overnight or books to finish reading weekly. Don’t forget to add buffer time on your goals settings. You can use this buffer to revise or refresh your mind. When the workload increases for a few weeks, adjust your study schedule to reach your goals using the buffer time. Unrealistic goals only make learning ineffective. So, aim to study what you want to and at what pace you can.  

Put Your Personalized Study Planner to Use  

Study Planner is a great tool in goal setting. You can systematically feed data as per your requirements and the planner does most of the work for you. It also nudges you on your study path on a timely basis, to make sure, the wheel of learning is rotating. Every student can use the study planner to plan and schedule study sessions at their convenience. Study planners are effective features that make sure no study debacles come your way.  

Choose Your Learning Path  

You might learn efficiently by reading from a book or watching practical applications in videos. Whatever way your mind adjusts to reading you should uptake it. E-learning platforms are thus, a better way to learn because they offer the versatility of learning formats. Educational content is spread into e-books, explained in videos, elaborated in podcasts, and much more. So, enjoy the luxury of learning from interactive sources while you study and learn comprehensively.   

You can also take notes or write and learn the concepts your way. So, before starting self-study find out what works best for you and stick to it.  

Mintbook Makes the Way 

Every student’s learning needs are different. But no matter what path you choose, a study provider should be able to accommodate all. One such unique eLearning platform is equipped to accommodate all sorts of learning needs.  The self-learn platform by Mintbook offers countless tagged educational videos, guidance, support groups and discussion forums, and every element of fun learning. So, if you are looking for a study partner that understands your concerns, try the eLearning provider once.  

Start With Simple Concepts, End with Complex Ones  

The best way to go about understanding the concepts is beginning with the simple ones, gradually moving on to the complex ones. This makes learning and understanding the concepts easier. It is also a good trick to thoroughly study a subject. You can also distribute learning time as per the complexity of the topics, ensuring efficient use of time and efforts.  

Revision is a Good Habit to Incorporate Everyday  

Just before closing the day, when you are done accumulating notes, organizing, and reading the study materials, don’t forget to have a quick final look up through the entire study material. It might feel taxing but it is an effective way, well manageable in a few minutes. This process of reviewing and revision every day ensures a better grasp of the topics.  

Practice and Self Assess  

Whether you should feel proud of your progress or improve in specific areas, you will get insights on all of this with regular self-assessments. So, self-study goes hand-in-hand with self-assessments. You will eventually achieve your learning goals, while you stay focused on your path and always find room for improvement.   

Take Inputs from Peers  

There are discussion forums in the Mintbook E-learning platform. So, it gets easier to connect with your peers, discuss your goal settings with them, and also take inputs from them. While self-study is all about learning by yourself, it will be helpful to have a second opinion on your study path. Thus, visit discussion forums regularly and see what your peers would like to add to your learning program.  

Foster Competitive Spirit  

Staying inspired, motivated, and enthusiastic while learning is most important. Technology makes this process easier with a futuristic tool called gamification. You can stay excited about learning while studying interactively. It is always fun to learn while competing with your peers. So, compete to be on leader boards, or aim for your positions on specific leader boards or course-related games for a fun-filled learning journey.  

Jot Down Queries and Ask the Experts  

Expert guidance is another useful feature of an e-learning platform, where you can benefit from the much-needed human touch in a virtual learning environment. Write down your queries and connect with the experts to ask your questions and solve your queries. Take their help to overcome the hurdles and continue your journey towards comprehensive learning.  

Practice and Pay Attention  

You will find a lot of practice materials along with course study materials on Mintbook Digital Library. Instill a habit of practicing regularly as soon as you finish learning topics. It ensures a thorough study and understanding of topics. The saying ‘practice makes a man perfect’ never goes out of date. So, practice as much as you can alongside learning.  

Small Study Sessions for Big Gains  

Running Marathons may work well for your health but your brain health is important while studying. And many studies prove that your brain remains active only for a certain amount of time at a stretch. It needs frequent breaks and shorter study sessions to functions efficiently. So, try learning with short study sessions rather than going on a study marathon. Do not overstress your mind. Remember staring at books or a computer screen is not studying. You have to make meaningful gains from study sessions and you can do it best by keeping your learning sessions time-framed and short.  

Keep Your Promise to Your Study Planner  

Build your study environment with your choices. A table and chair or a couch, whatever helps you do comfortable and focused study, put it to use. Whether you are comfortable learning on your phone or prefer a bigger computer screen, mark your choices and stick to your study program.   

Self-study enhances learning experiences and students when done properly can reap the benefits of it. You can choose self-study to learn something new or prepare for an entrance exam. Proper self-study will open the gates to opportunities and academic success for you.   

As we are trapped in this ongoing pandemic, our life goes on. So should learning. Make better use of the resources around you as technology is reshaping the world and preparing us to do best from the worst. It has also put education and learning at our fingertips. Take advantage of these comprehensive and cost-effective learning tools for greater academic and career success. 

By Palak Arora

I am a techie by heart and profession. Love to write on the cloud, digital, and edu-tech. A True Blue Bangalorean

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