7 Steps to Building an Effective Engineering Resume

Steps to Building an Effective Engineering Resume

Building an effective engineering resume is the step that all engineering students stumble upon. Beginning a career is the most crucial transformation in life. Most students panic and get even confused on how to begin, what steps to take, which companies to apply, how to look for a job, etc. The answer to this is simple. Catch a breath and start with what is most important- building an effective resume.   

A resume is a showcase of your background and a reflection of education and academic achievements, skills and abilities. So, it is essential to make a resume that works in your favor. Here’s why-  

  • To demonstrate your technical capabilities and knowledge to the human resource or hiring managers, business leaders who might not be aware of it.  
  • Most of the prospective recruiters with a non-technical background hardly understands technical terms. Adding them in your resume would obviously make it less effective and understandable.  

The Solution- Avoiding these terms or replacing them with easier alternatives.  

If you are looking for more of such tips to build and effective engineering resume to start your professional journey, here’s what you might do-  

Tip 1- Good Fresher Engineering Resumes are Short and Crisp 

Making resume for freshers becomes tedious at adding things that are relevant and keeping it short at the same time. While you might not have professional experience to add in your resume, ensure that you add all the important academic achievement, projects, internships or even self learnt courses.  


  • Keep the language professionals and polished 
  • Write smaller and crisp sentences. 
  • Try to accommodate everything in one page 
  • Choose an easy-to-read font and keep it professional 
  • Keep formatting throughout the resume consistent 

The Top Section of Your Resume should have the following information- 

  • Address 
  • E-mail 
  • Phone number 
  • Link to your Linked-in profile 

Restrict adding a photo at this stage. Another important aspect is maintaining brevity and adding only information that is true. There’s no need of bragging because the recruiter will look at your resume knowing that you are a fresher. 

Tip 2- Good Summary Makes a Good Opening Statement 

Add a short but impressive summary in two to three lines maximum. Describe your goals and milestones here. Adding a summary and objective in the beginning of resume specially for freshers is a good practice. However, remember to keep a formal tone. So, keep tab of the tone while you write about the summary that catches attention of the recruiters. 

Tip 3- Replace Blank Spaces with Project Work In Your Engineering Resume

Try to avoid or cover the black spaces in your resume as much possible. Ensure adding only relevant information and valuable skills. You can also add your project works. Add learning experience in a rather witty way that they show your learning potential to the probable recruiters. You can also add your inventions, things that you have made from the scratch. 

Tip 4- Don’t forget the Industrial Terms 

While using technical terms might decrease the effectiveness while building your resume, it is important to add industrial terms. It will give the recruiter an idea that you are aware of the industrial trends and tools. Moreover, using industrial terms, such as- Production methodologies, production management, scheduling, downtime, etc. Could be helpful for the managers to get an idea of your efforts. 

Tip 5- Keep Your Resume Updating 

Update your resume from time to time. Add your newly acquired skills and achievements. Never float an old resume as it makes a negative impact on the recruiters and shows lack of initiative. As you learn the industrial trends and tools, keep adding them to your resume side by side. Updating resumes regularly has also shown positive results for those who look for jobs online.  

That’s not all! 

You now know what and what not to add to make a great resume that gets picked. Here are the important things to keep in mind too! 

Keep the Grammar in check 

Check fonts, formatting and most importantly grammar twice, thrice, or as many times as it takes to make it grammatically correct. Run on word document spell check and grammar check to look for possible errors and rectify them.  

Avoid Adding Unnecessary Information 

If you are applying for technical job then adding your customer support experience would add no value to the resume. So, you can drop the experience and rather add a relevant technical project work. An effective engineering resume is a showcase of only relevant information.

Writing Sentences in Active Voice 

Sentences become the prime element of building an effective engineering resume to make it readable and catchy for the recruiters. When you write in active voice it successfully catches the reader’s attention. So, write in active voice and avoid usage of passive voice. Another downside of using passive voice is that the sentences get lengthier and more complex.  

Active voice sentences also make an impression on the recruiter that you take responsibility for your actions and get the desired results.  

Personalizing your Resume 

Before applying, decide upon the filed you are going to apply jobs in and personalize your resume accordingly. Add every information which is relevant to the job, you will be applying for. For example, as a fresher, you can add your strengths and abilities. On the other hand, if you are an experienced professional, it is better to add previous experiences explaining how you already have had an exposure to the job profile and how you can handle the responsibilities well.  

Always Proofread Before Sending Your Resume 

The last and the most critical step in bringing out a resume that stands out is proofreading it and making it error free. Even if using a template, don’t forget to add a touch of yourself and your creativity to it. Personalization and proofreading are the two major steps in writing an effective resume.  

Building an effective engineering resume is the first step in beginning your professional career. So, take time to build a strong, effective and promising resume. Don’t slap information in your resume. Take time and add the right information. Ensure your prospective employer that you are capable of the job with the help of your resume. Also, it is a good measure to add a cover letter with the resume. You can state your interests for the job position in your cover letter. So, get that dream job by make the first effective communication with your prospective employer.  

Before You Leave… 

Another important aspect of a fresher resume is the skills they possess. Because skills fill the gap that the fresher resume lacks in terms of experience. Companies need to see what value an employee brings to the business. You can earn the trust by promising a unique skill set in place of a professional experience. So, do not put an end to learning at any point. Keep learning with Mintbook self-learn. Upskill or reskill, the self-learn platform by Mintbook is made for you to gain excellence in terms of education and learning. There are thousands of courses supported by resources for upskilling on the platform. So, get a subscription for whatever period fits you and sail on your journey to success. 

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