The Importance of Having a Study Plan

The Importance of having a Study Plan

Are you aiming to score higher marks in the exam? A study plan is your first step to the desired goal. The major problem amongst engineering students or students from any stream is that despite studying they do not achieve expected results. So, what goes wrong? Why do students score lesser marks in spite of studying throughout the year, completing the syllabus, or taking notes?  Mostly the importance of having a study plan is undervalued. That’s where lies the core of the problem.

With an attempt to answer these questions and help students not just study but score well, we bring to you this blog explaining the importance of a study plan.    

What is a Study Plan?  

A study plan is a comprehensive collection of-  

  • Outlining your goals and objectives  
  • Organizing your study  
  • Reaching the set milestones in a set time  

So, a study plan is not just a timetable but your road map to reaching success.  So, do not undervalue the importance of having a study plan. Rather begin your study by fixing your study plan.

Having a study plan also helps you define your study schedule and methodologies to prepare a subject. So, you know what to do, when to do and how to do it. It prepares you for the worst. You can easily overcome hurdles in the study by having a study planner in place.   

Importance of Having a Study Plan: Lets check out the benefits

So here are the benefits of having a study planner and why you should have one-  

Better Time Management  

With a systematic study planner, it becomes easier to schedule your study properly. You can also study the chapters efficiently and commit time as per the importance of the topics. A study planner keeps reminding you of the forthcoming milestones to achieve and you meet your study deadlines on a timely basis.  

Better time management also enables you to relax and have your rejuvenation time. You can effectively study, learn and even have fun in your break time.   

Enhanced Memory  

Yes, it is true. A study planner helps retain what you have studied. This is because when you plan your study, your mind is focused on learning. So, studying with higher concentration helps you retain the memories and thus polishes your memorizing skills.   

Higher Marks in Exam  

The aim of the study is to understand the concepts and scores marks. You can achieve both with an organized study planner. Studying with proper concentration ensures thorough study and understanding of the concepts which is a sure-shot aspect of scoring in exams. Moreover, it ensures you are well prepared for the exams, no matter what comes your way.   

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Heard of Study Productivity?  

Productivity in the study is also important. Students pursuing graduate courses not just have to memorize the important concepts but understand and learn them. If you do not have a proper study timetable, you will most certainly turn up unprepared with exams approaching soon. Students majorly fear this kind of situation where they are left with lesser time to study versus their preparedness for the exams. A study planner can save you from this nightmare. So, plan your study and stick to your planner.  

No Stress and Effective Study  

A study planner is not only meant for planning your study schedule but for meeting deadlines timely. So, when you are on the right track, you will have lesser things on your plate to worry about. The most befitting benefit of following a study planner is that you are in a constant process of reaching the milestones and achieving timely goals. This process smoothly eliminates the stress of finishing tasks as you get used to the pace and of achieving timely goals. Stress affects your body and mind health lowers your concentration. So, your efficiency at learning takes the hit and all these might even throw you off the track of learning. So, a study plan is a must to keep the wheel of learning rolling with grace  

There’s Still a Major Difference Between Quantitative and Qualitative Study  

Engineering students cannot mug up basic concepts and practical applications. That’s where the need for qualitative study arises in place of quantitive study. So, not only do you need to finish reading a chapter but understand and be able to solve associated problems flawlessly to prepare any topic in engineering. Mintbook self-learn platform is focussed on the qualitative aspect in engineering study, that why the course syllabus comes in a multitude of formats on the platform. So, every engineering student under the Montbook banner gets to learn effectively.   

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Reaching Your Goals  

Getting higher marks is your ultimate goal but you can divide it into certain milestones and collectively achieve desired success. Thus, by achieving the milestones you can keep a tab on your progress and applaud your efforts from time to time. So, have the luxury of giving positive reinforcement to yourself and stay motivated to achieve more. With these small victories, the joy they bring and the satisfaction of reaching your goals will always make you give your best.  

A study plan is more than a list of schedules or activities. It incorporates specific details, methodologies, and strategies leading towards the achievement of your set objectives.  

Approaching a Study Planner Analytically  

A study planner will work for you only when you thoughtfully prepare it. Arbitrary study planners yield no results. After all, you cannot be whimsical with the study. So, some rules also apply to preparing an effective study planner.  

These are-  

Mapping Time  

Analyze how much time you are left with versus how much study you have to finish. Also, look for extra intervals where you can fit in your revision or practice study. Ensure the time you have calculated excludes the time for rest and refreshment. For example- if your exams are 2 months after, you can calculate the hours of study per day required to finish the syllabus. Add some designated hours from the weekends to self-assessments and practice.  

Dividing the Available Time Efficiently  

Open your syllabus and jot down the time you want to commit to each chapter. Set your goals and study accordingly.  

Pick Your Favorite Study Corner  

In the next step, find out, a space that aids your concentration and helps you study effectively and uninterrupted. Furthermore, you can also create an environment for study by adjusting things to your convenience. Like setting up light music, if you like studying with music or logging out of all social media channels during the study time, or turning off the notifications on your phone.   

Procuring the Course Materials  

Get all the right and relevant materials, course curriculum you will need along with the previous year’s question papers for reference and study.  

So, study well and be ready for exams with the rock-solid support of your study planner. 

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