7 Tips To Stop Procrastinating and Start Studying

Tips To Stop Procrastinating and Start Studying

Be it, students or professionals, this bad habit takes a toll on everyone’s productivity. Do you know what it is? It is called ‘Procrastinations’, meaning postponing or delaying what you could have finished or planned to finish today. It is very common and often students, despite taking many efforts, going to many classes, and attending all the lectures do not get the desired success because of procrastination. It is true that at some point in life we have inclined to procrastinate, but students battle it more often. The monotony of lectures, study schedules, and time table have them procrastinating more than anyone. And the result of it most often ending up with a vast syllabus to study in very less time.  So, instead of putting things on tomorrow read this article on ways to stop procrastinating and start studying.

Common Scenarios of Procrastination 

  • Staring at the blank screen or textbook page without reading anything to only close it without even studying what you had planned to. 
  • Switching to social media just after one sentence of an assignment, and finally closing it incomplete. 
  • Planning your study yet pushing it to the next day when it comes to actually following your time-table. 

 The next day you again plan to be productive but fall into procrastination. And before you take notice, exams are on your head. There is an emotional upheaval that a student goes through while procrastinating. 

This is how it looks emotion wise- 

Starting Study ———- Break time ——– stretched break time——panic——– guilt for procrastinating again and again———– Stress and Worry. 

It is absolutely important for students to learn how to not procrastinate. The early they learn this hack, the closer they are to succeed. 

Here are the ways to 7 golden ways to stop procrastinating and start studying- 

Inculcate Pomodoro Technique 

Ever heard of Pomodoro Technique? It is an effective time-management technique that has shown great results. The technique has one thumb rule, which is breaking down your study schedule into short intervals. It says that you can train your mind to be active for 25 mins at a stretch. So, have study intervals of 25 minutes and not more than that, then take a break.  

  • Steps to follow for Pomodoro Technique- 
  • Set your goal 
  • Put the timer for 25 minutes 
  • Start studying without any distractions 
  • End your planned study task 
  • Take a short break 
  • Repeat the process for 3 pomodoro cycles 
  • Take a long break after3 cycles are over 

This is the basis of planning to study with the Pomodoro technique. You can have your own time intervals and cycles. You can work on it and see what works best for you. 

Take it as a Deliverable 

Write down your goals and the time by which you will achieve them. However, just writing it down will not be of help as you will have to take responsibility for it. So, ask for someone’s help and put it on e-mail. If you want to draft this e-mail to yourself, it’s fine. But don’t forget to set a calendar reminder for the finish date. 

Get Rid of the Distractions 

When your brain finds an assignment or a subject difficult, it will make up excuses to stall study. In such a state, as soon as you see or hear any sort of distraction like a phone ringing, SMS incoming, or E-mail notification while starting the study, most likely you will procrastinate. But you can overcome it. To do so, before you start your Pomodoro, make sure you get rid of all sorts of possible distractions. This could include switching off your phone, putting notifications to silent mode, logging out of social media, and asking your house members not to ask you to indulge in any other activity for the said period of time.  

If You Feel Alert and Efficient, Don’t Let the Opportunity Go! 

Setting up Pomodoro is one thing. Another is that there are days when you wake up feeling more productive. So, will you wait to start your study? Absolutely not. Harness this positivity and start studying when you feel like it. Sure, not all days are like that when you could jump to your study table right from the bed. But if you have such days, better not waste them. 

Some days are also exactly the opposite of feeling enthusiastic about the study. So, don’t worry and don’t procrastinate. Just trade slowly and work as per your plan. Study on small scheduled intervals and stick to your planner. Might as well bribe yourself to study on such days. 

Study On Your Own Time and Schedule 

Don’t expect to beat procrastination overnight. Study as and when it fits your and your mind. Start slow and began with completing one Pomodoro at a time. Use your methods to study more efficiently and even use your own timetable. Irrespective of any judgments or fears, trust your instincts and work on your time. Also, if music helps you focus, create your playlist before the study and play it during the sessions. Make sure you are not empty stomach and in good health. 

Take Every Deadline Seriously 

Some people get a rush from leaving things to the last minute and some believe panic gives them better results. 

This is a damaging mindset for two reasons: 

• something could happen, stopping you from doing the work at all, for example- an illness, family emergency, etc. 

• not everything in life has a deadline. It’s bad practice to only be able to work to a serious deadline 

Wouldn’t you prefer to relax after submitting an essay knowing you submitted it a few days early than procrastinate with the sense of guilt hanging over you? 

So, it’s better to stop procrastinating and make a start.

Accept Non-Perfectionism at Times 

Every time you feel anxious and demotivated, try to be realistic and consider several scenarios of what will happen if you succeed/fail in this particular task. Will it be the end of the world for you if you don’t pass this extremely complicated statistics test? Surely it doesn’t mean that you should not care, but don’t stress too much about the grades – ask any graduate what happened after they failed an exam and you’ll probably hear nothing really! 

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