Knowledge Platform for Learning Needs

A unique combination of virtual training platform and digital library with customized training materials and digital library of eBooks / videos / news clippings from reputed publishers. Best LMS combination for digital transformation in learning and talent management.

Learning Management

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Continuous engagement in learning

Courses, Quiz Hour, Query Corner, Discussion Forum, Assessment, eBooks, Video Books, Audio Books and Gamified with learning coins makes the learning platform engaging and lively for the learners.

Huge Repository of digital library content

The embedded digital library offers 100,000+ eBooks and videos from different sources curated and customized just for your industry and relevant to your learners.

Security & Compliance

Highly secured application with the option to use Digital Rights Management tool for your content (AES Encryption standards with proprietary eReader / Player).

Omni Channel access

LMS & Digital Library can be accessed over web application, mobile app and also available in MBOX (IoT Device). Application supports all browsers – IE, Firefox, Chrome with minimal data bandwidth.

Personal view of the application

Users can set up a personalized view of the platform with colour changes and screen views. Dash board gives individual’s learning patterns and is gamified with coins, levels and badges. Encourages healthy competition amongst learners.

Regular Security updates

Get security updates regularly through security patches for OS, SSL, and TLS.

System support functionality

At the minimum level, Our LMS support these file types: Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe/ Macromedia Flash, MP3, JPEG MP4, PDF, and PowerPoint.

Language Support

Application supports English, Hindi and regional languages content – website and learning resources.

One click Tracking

Learners can enter and track course notes online. Admin / Learning heads get a flexible control panel to view and manage users, courses and learning structure.

Instant notifications

Integrated with email and sms gateway and in-app notifications to learners for alerts, reminders and other communications.

Integration with Payment Getaway

Application provides the option to integrate with online payment gateway for fee payments.

Mintbook LMS - The Best e-Learning Solution

Crafted by experts and curated by professionals, our LMS bolsters all your learning needs with cutting- edge technology – AI, PKI and IoT

With Mintbook LMS:

  • Learning is Fun.
  • Learning is Engaging with gamification, discussion forums & query corner.
  • Learning is Access to limitless content.
  • Learning is Rewarding with coins and badges.
  • Learning is Challenging with quiz hour, assessment and level ups.
  • Learning is Structured and Secured
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