Tagged Videos

Futuristic Learning While Not Missing a Beat with Videos!

Innovation in learning is our driving force. Students can now heave a sigh of relief from the boring course curriculum with us. Because you need not mug up topics anymore, only to forget later. It's time to start grasping concepts interactively. Mintbook brings educational videos to your study table giving the real-time experience of the concepts with its Tagged Videos feature.

How Can Videos Take a Different Path?

We have all gone that path of learning where reading and re-reading the topics do not always make things simple. No matter how much you try to understand the underlying concept behind a theory, most often you hit a wall. What then? The only path left is to start memorizing without understanding.

Mintbook has created a second road for you with videos. So, when you ask, why learn on Mintbook? Here’s your answer-

Among many amazing features, Mintbook ensures end-to-end learning with interactive videos tagged with the concepts.

Benefits in Store

Learn Thoroughly

Watch and Re-watch

Pause, rewind, or record

Digital Library

Digital Library- A Galaxy of Learning Materials to Keep Learning at Light Speed

When we say 360 degrees learning, we mean it. Because we have every reading material in our huge repository so you need not search another shelf for the right course material. Mintbook Digital Library is

  • Self-Contained
  • Completely Accessible
  • Pre-Loaded with Expert Curated Content
Why Mintbook Digital Library?

What do you expect from a self-learning platform? That it takes you by hand to the academic success you desire, right? Mintbook Digital Library is one such trustworthy platform, that fills your shelves with books that are most important for study. Be it e-books, journals or interactive reading resources, the digital library has it all.

So, why us?




Mintbook Digital Library is the synonym for continued learning. The library gives you anytime and anywhere access to reading resources, has expert-curated content, and the materials are available in a multitude of formats. Even when you are out or far away, you have your reading materials in your pocket all the time.

My Notes

Your Study- Your Plan-Your Notes

In the habit of taking notes while studying? Kudos to you! Mintbook platform accommodates the needs of every kind of learner and hence keeps the minutest details in check. With the My Notes Feature, learning and taking notes go side by side. So, you can easily create, edit or view your notes on the Mintbook app anytime.

Mintbook My Notes Are Inexhaustible and Indestructible!

Every feature on the Mintbook self-learning platform comes with its own set of benefits. Like the My Note Feature which is not only inexhaustible in terms of how much you can feed in but also you never have the fear of misplacing it among the sturdy course books on your bookshelf. You can access your notes anytime, edit them and read on at a click.

My Clubs

Mintbook My Clubs Incorporate Student Reciprocation

Systematic and structured space for student interaction come in handy with the My Club Feature on Mintbook. In these clubs, students get to participate in discussion forums, get doubts cleared, seek expert help and much more.

With My Club Feature-
  • Get an Array of viewpoints from peers.
  • Know various interpretations of definitions.
  • Teach and Learn

Mintbook- My Club Benefits are Surprising!

Student Learning Goals Take the Center Stage

We have given much thought to student participation and created the My Club feature with a thought to focus on student learning goals more than anything. Hence, the features are exclusively and explicitly made to help students reach their learning goals by offering help centers, discussions, much more.

Students Find a Motivation

We understand that simply giving a platform to discuss is not enough. Student participation is equally important to utilize the My Club Feature to its fullest potential. Thus, the feature is self-contained in keeping the students motivated and enthusiastic to participate actively. It makes room for the shy students too to come up with their queries or solve others queries.

Incorporates Reciprocation

What is a Club without some banters? The success of the club depends on students' reciprocation. How well a club performs depends on how well and often students come to the discussion forums and discuss their concerns. We at Mintbook never undervalue the importance of discussion and with that thought, we have tailored the feature to boost student interaction.

Offers a Structured Opportunity of Communication

The Mintbook My Club is very much connected to the study path students are on. This helps us offer a structured opportunity for communication. It is built in a way that students work together to get to a solution that concerns a set of students at once.


Organize a Study Plan or Schedule One with Calendar

The Calendar feature schedules your study plans, marks important dates of the test, assignment submission or exam, and keeps you to date with your learning plan. Integrating a calendar in your e-learning course is like setting a solid path to success. If you want to ensure your commitment to your learning path, Calendar is one of the most important features to help you do that.

Calendar Enables You Success by Letting you-
  • Add events
  • Create Notifications
  • Integrate Calendar with Your eLearning Schedule

Study Tools

Develop Self-Directed Learning Skills with Study Tools

Not only learn but learn effectively with helpful Study Tools on the Mintbook platform. Study tools help you be more efficient and productive on your learning journey. It is thoughtfully created to help you ace study without wasting time and effort in manual calculations.

What does Study tools Comprise?

A study tool in-houses every feature that can help pace up your study, like-

Scientific Calculator

Equation Solver

Are a Better Way to Learn

Engineering Dictionary

Advance Log. Solver

Engineering Drawing

User Reports

There arrive stages in your study path, where you fall off the plan. It is okay, to face hurdles but you must overcome them. The User Reports give you the analytics of how things are going if you are thrown off your schedule, whether you need to increase speed or pat your back for overachieving. Analytics are very important.

User Reports keeps updating you with-

Your progress reports

Time spent on study

Aim Percentage Scores

Status of your Study Plan