What is mintbook – The Learning Cult?

Mintbook learning cult is NOT just about eBooks, Instructional videos, news clippings or journals and quizzes. It is MORE than a digital library collection. MLC is a virtual learning assistant who helps in achieving your learning goals. The key anchor in the application is YOU.

This application is the outcome from years of our research in learning resources and habits amongst students in India. Self Regulated Learning (SRL) is a structured process of learning which involves goal setting; strategizing and actioning; and monitoring. There are numerous researches carried out and published on this science of learning. Many scholars have connected SRL to cognitive, behavioural and effective aspects of learning. Our ancient India’s gurukul also followed this model of self regulated learning and classroom deliberations for different perspectives and deeper understanding.

MLC has attempted to simplify this self regulated learning process through technology. Considering varied learning behaviours of learners, tools have been designed to facilitate self study, group study, smart study, etc. along with goal setting and planners. MLC emphasis on focused study time of students and elevates the quality of student’s interaction with teachers.  

About Us

Mintbook is in digital library and education space for more than 8 years. During this journey, mintbook has focused on impact learning and has been engaging with learners from all age groups and regions – buzzing cities, modest towns and struggling villages through multiple projects with educational institutions and public libraries. Mintbook TLC is our flagship initiative and our small bit to build an impactful self-learning culture.